Better to be ready

Be prepared for any inconvenience in life, at least with the repair of drains and wastes. Leave nothing to chance and keep the number of the TvS-center always handy! Reliable, professional and clean work is guaranteed! All the waste of liquid forms will be taken away by special fable wagons and you'll be quiet again for some time! The entire liquidation process is environmentally friendly and is implemented according to the strictest directives, which are given by the Ministry of Environment itself!
Sewer is a heavy nut
The TvS-Centrum is a company that will guarantee you a quiet sleep on problems with sewage and waste roads! Be sure to use other sensational services to help you from random issues. Sewer has many forms and specialists stable companies, understand them perfectly! We go hand in hand with adherence to ecological principles and protect the nature and its beauty. Find out about all the services on the amazing website that will tell you more!