If you criticise the management

You have certainly gone through many workplaces, or have experienced the climate of the workplace in a few gradually changing superiors. Of course, you're a reticizing and criticizing, because it seems that your supervisor doesn't do the best. Criticizing is really simple. And preferably on remote parts of the workplace, especially during working hours, when you have to work and do not hide with a cup of coffee in your hand. But that's a different chapter. For critics of this type there is a supply of executives in their submissions. What would you do? What would you do, for example, in the place of your supervisor if you could find an employee outside your workplace during working hours?
It's not easy
The supervisor has a really unenviable position because the eyes of all the subordinates are clinged to it. Employees follow every step of his decision. They monitor whether they approach each employee fairly. There's really plenty. Every worker at the highest position of the day works under great psychological pressure. If he does not have a capable team, which he cannot rely on in important work situations, he is not far from stress diseases. Fortunately, there are courses to help these workers conquer the biggest pitfalls of their position. Please inform yourself.